Thunder Bay

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Located on the western shores of Lake Superior, in a major Canadian grain port, the Thunder Bay plant with capacity of 125,000t is well situated to pull malting barley from the Eastern Canadian prairies. It ships malt via rail and truck to Eastern North America and can load malt directly onto vessels from its malt storage elevator.

Production Capabilities

Barley Receival


Selection of all barley is carried out by CMC personnel. Barley quality specifications are established based on customer malt requirements. All incoming barley receivals are probed, and tested prior to unloading to ensure quality targets are met. Composite samples of each barley unload are kept for reference and are sent to a third party lab for testing. Barley is visually inspected for foreign material, damage and tested for sizing, Protein, moisture, germination.

Six row and two row barley is received by train at our Thunder Bay site. It is then cleaned using Westrup Cleaners and then a second pass through the superior Separators, and graded into various fractions using our Law Marot Graders.




Steeping at Thunder Bay is carried out in the 13 Steeping vessels per batch (B/C) 160 tonnes and 2 Steeping vessel (A) 72 tonnes.

The total time taken for steeping is 30-45 hours. A composite of each steep is tested for protein and moisture. Moisture content is checked throughout the steeping process using either NIR or moisture balance.




Germination is carried out in 3 houses A, B and C comprising of Seeger and Saladin boxes.




After germination the malt is transferred to the kilning stage of the process via a conveyance system. One batch is kilned in the upper floor of the kiln for approximately 18 hours.




After kilning the malt is put in to store. Thunder Bay has a total rated silo capacity for 60,000 tonnes. This diagram shows part of the routes available for product movement. 100% of the malt is transferred away as bulk.

Each batch has a composite sample collected as it is sent to storage noting the following attributes; sizing, friability, moisture, malt protein, wort protein, colour, viscosity, turbidity, alpha amylase, diastatic power, fine/coarse extract, betaglucan, pH and FAN using ASBC standard methods.




  • Rail and truck-loading ability at plant
  • Bulk vessel loading directly from plant




  • 2-Row brewer's; 6-Row Brewer's
  • 2-Row brewer’s malt; 6-Row brewer’s malt
  • Food Grade barley malt
  • Distillery malt
  • Rye malt
  • Wheat malt
  • Organic barley malt



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579 Maureen Street
Thunder Bay Ontario P7B 5E8

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