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Located in the heart of the Canadian prairies, a prime malting barley growing region, our Calgary facility with a capacity of 200,000T has convenient access to an excellent source of malting barley. Our outbound freight allows the loading of trucks, railcars and containers, and is a few days transit from bulk-loading facilities. With its strategic location, the Calgary plant is well positioned to deliver malt to Western North America and throughout the world via the Pacific Ocean.

Production Capabilities

Barley Receival

Selection of all barley is carried out by CMC personnel. Barley quality specifications are established based on customer malt requirements. Calgary can receive barley from the 5 Alberta CMC country elevators or direct from a local farmer. The majority of the barley received at Calgary is grown in Alberta and south western Saskatchewan.

Barley can be received at barley elevator via "B Train" dual trailer truck or by rail hopper cars. A "B Train" truck can deliver about 42-44 tonnes of barley and a rail car can deliver 80-90 tonnes barley.
5,000 tonnes of barley delivered per week using two receiving pits is required to keep the maltings supplied. This is 24 trucks per day, Monday to Friday.

All incoming barley receivals are probed, and tested prior to unloading to ensure quality targets are met. Composite samples of each barley unload are kept for reference and are sent to a third party lab for testing. Barley is visually inspected for foreign material, damage and tested for sizing, Protein, moisture, germination.

Six row barley, two row barley and wheat are received at the Calgary site. Barley is cleaned using the Carter Day cleaners (length separation) and then cleaned using Westrup Graders for width separation.
Barley Elevator capacity is about 35,000 metric tonnes.


Steeping is carried out in 14 conical bottom steep tanks per batch in D house and in 4 flat bottom tanks in E house. (1 tank per batch, the 4th tank is used for pre-germination). Each D house batch is 183 tonnes versus an E house steep of 293 tonnes of cleaned barley.

Total time for steeping is 24-45 hrs.

A composite of each steep is checked for moisture and protein. During steeping moistures a continually checked using an NIR or moisture balance.

Moisture, temperature, aeration and CO2 are closely monitored to assure quality malt during the steeping process.


After steeping the next stage of malting is germination.

The Germination cycle is closely monitored for temperature, air-flow and moisture with daily tests to measure the rate of acrospires growth. The normal germination time is four days. Air flow is updraft in the D House Germination compartments and down draft in the E House Compartment.

Time in the germination compartments is 78-96 hrs.



After germination the malt is transferred to the kilning stage of the process via a conveyance system. Applied air temperature, relative humidity, vent position, air off temperature are carefully monitored during the kilning process.

The D Malt House kiln uses double deck kilning. The E Malt House Kiln is an enhanced double deck kiln system.

Air flow in the D kiln is down draft and takes about 48 hours and E kiln uses updraft air flow and takes 28 hours.


After kilning the cooled malt is aspirated and sent to the malt elevator. The capacity of the malt elevator is 25,000 metric tonnes. Calgary has a dedicated malt elevator and barley elevator.


Prior to loading, each shipment of malt is aspirated and cleaned, then weighed. Every shipment is sampled and tested for various parameters at the Calgary lab.

Calgary has rail, container and truck-loading ability at plant. And capacity to load 21 cars per day if necessary and the ability to store 40 cars for bulk shipments.

A third party transfers malt from rail to containers in Vancouver BC.

Bulk vessel loading via third party in Vancouver BC occurs several times each year with loads ranging from 3,000 to 12,000 metric tonnes.




  • Specialty Malts - Munich, Superior Pale, Superior Pilsen,
  • Distillery malt
  • Rye malt
  • Wheat malt



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