Our Quality

Canada Malting Co. Limited is focused on delivering quality malt to meet customer requirements. We apply strict quality-control procedures in grain selection, malt production, shipping, and testing. Within our exacting standards, Canada Malting employs a world-class quality and food-safety management system, all our facilities throughout the supply chain have Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certification, thus ensuring a high standard of food-safety management.

Grain Selection

Our focus on malt quality and functionality begins at the time of grain selection. Malting barley selection is based on the quality testing and known malting characteristics of each variety in each growing region. Our Country Elevator network allows us access to substantial barley stocks so we can select the right varieties to meet our specific malt-quality requirements after processing.


Our facilities feature state-of-the-art process tools, such as in-process, near-infrared spectroscopy, statistical process control, and world-class process-automation software systems, that provide our talented maltsters with the tools they need to produce the highest-quality malts.


At Canada Malting, our malt is processed and blended to each customer's specific requirements to ensure that we maintain consistent quality with every shipment.


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