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A good partnership begins with Trust and Communication.  Canada Malting Co. Limited has a special relationship with the malting barley producers across the country. 

Our elevator staff are in constant contact with the growers to discuss the many aspects of barley quality and delivery.  Before seeding, malting barley producers will ask what varieties are going to be in demand; what type of contracts are available and if there any Special Programs offered this year.  In 2014, Canada Malting launched their Sapporo Program, which set up contracts with local growers for barley to be grown specifically for this customer; premiums were offered for exact quality parameters. Canada Malting Country Elevators staff will work with producers to determine delivery periods that work best to schedule deliveries throughout the year. 

Of course, quality is of the utmost importance.  Our staff and the producers work together to ensure proper storage, binning and sampling. Barley must be stored in a manner to prevent degeneration and infestation; germinations for example must hold at 95% or better all year.  Sampling must be representative of the crop and be submitted for testing.   The staff at our 10 Country Elevators are able to do all the testing required to grade and select the barley.

CMC Country Elevator Staff and their malting barley Producers have great long term relationships.  These partnerships foster working together by sharing seeding dates, aeration, herbicide and fungicide usage, soil types, local climates and altitudes.  Discussions also include adjustments to delivery schedules and barley quality to provide mutual benefits to both the grower and Canada Malting.

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