Barley Sampling Information

Sampling Information: Proper sampling is very important. Here is a quick step-by-step sampling procedure

Step 1

Samples should be collected when filling the bin and should represent the entire bin. Sampling should be done from different places in the grain stream (front, back and side) as it flows out of the truck since grain and weed seeds of different density will be in greater proportion in different parts of the stream.

Step 2

Take 4 scoops evenly throughout every 1000 bu of barley put into storage.

Step 3

Samples should be collected in a five gallon or 22.7 litre pail.

Step 4

Keep each bin and field sample separate.

Step 5

Mix your bin or field sample well before bagging.

Step 6

Place your bin or field sample into sealed sample bags. Make one bag for yourself and one for selector.

Step 7

Take your samples to the selector ensuring that the sample is labeled with variety name, field number or name and bin number.

Step 8

Keep your sample in a cool, dry area for proper storage.

Step 9

Harvests of different varieties, and even different weather conditions, should be stored separately.


The above recommendations will help produce high quality malting barley.

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