Past Community Events



The MAN VAN was at the Calgary site on November 28th offering free baseline PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood tests to men over the age of 40 and Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose and BMI (Body Mass Index) measurement to all men over 18.


The PSA test is a simple blood test that helps in the early detection of prostate cancer. PSA is a protein produced by the prostate and released in small amounts to the bloodstream. The amount of PSA in the bloodstream can often predict a man’s risk of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the leading cancer in Albertan men. One man in seven will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime. Approximately 2600 men will be diagnosed annually with prostate cancer and 8 men will die from it every week.

34 employees had their blood pressure, blood glucose and BMI tested, 28 of them also had the PSA done!!



Salvation Army Donation

On December 14th, a few employees and their families made a donation to the Salvation Army that consisted of children’s toys and a cash donation. One of our employees spouses wanted to donate her time this year to pack hampers for those in need but when they were not requiring any volunteers, as they had no toys on the selves to proceed with packing hampers, we wanted to help! Every year we have a kids Christmas party and each child gets a toy, this year CMC decided to match each toy one for one and donate them. We also raised over $700 at the annual CMC and GWM safety forum that was donated. The donation was dropped off at the Salvation Army’s warehouse where the staff there were very thankful!

Left to Right- The Lima Family (Afonso, April, Ebonee, Nelson, Engracia), Volunteers at the Salvation Army, Armand Parisien, The Schuba Family (Maddison, Josh, Randy) and Kelsey Evans.





Calgary Pathway and River Cleanup 

On Sunday May 2, several members of the Calgary office participated in the 42nd Annual City of Calgary Riverway and Pathway Cleanup.

This event focuses on the pathway system throughout the city. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we cleaned up the area around a frequently used path in Calgary. Many compliments and thanks were received from nearby motorists and pathway users. Thank you very much to all the participants and their families.




Generosity Among Tragedy


Canada Malting’s Ryan Dodd has dug deep to help a devastated family.

In October 2015, 13-year-old Catie Bott and her 11-year-old twin sisters Jana and Dara were playing on the family farm in Withrow, Alberta. They were playing like they had always done, like countless other children in the quiet agricultural community.

But on this day, tragedy struck. The girls were playing on a truck loaded with canola, but as the truck was being discharged into a storage silo, the girls were engulfed and buried under the grain. They suffocated and passed away.

The tragedy stunned the local community, but neighbours banded together and finished the harvesting operation on the Bott farm.

For Canada Malting’s Operations Manager, Ryan Dodd, the tragedy really hit home. As well as his job at CMC Elevators, Ryan also runs his family farm. He also has two daughters the same age as the Bott girls, so this devastating story has resonated with the Dodd family.

Ryan recently donated a steer that was auctioned off at the Innisfail Auction Mart, helping to raise over $40,000 for the Bott family to help them through the devastating loss.

It was an unthinkable tragedy, but the generosity of Ryan and his family (pictured below) has shone through.



Shoebox Christmas

The Calgary Plant employees worked hard in November 2015 filling up 25 shoe boxes for “Operation Christmas Child”.

Operation Christmas Child was started in 1990. To date, they have collected and distributed over 100 million shoebox gifts worldwide. Bringing good news and great joy to children who are hurting is what they are all about.

In 2014, Canadians donated more than 700,474 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for children around the world. Each shoebox is filled with hygiene items, school supplies, and toys, and is given to a child in need. In 2014, shoeboxes were distributed in Uruguay, El Salvador, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, Venezuela, Iraq, Equatorial Guinea, Costa Rica, Guinea, Haiti, Nicaragua, Chile (including Easter Island), Senegal, and Ukraine.

Playground Build

In early June of 2015, several of our Country Elevator employees participated in building a playground for a local school in the rural community of Innisfail, AB.

GrainCorp Global Community Fund sponsored this playground build in the amount of $20,000; the total build had a cost of $250,000 and the funds were raised by staff in the school. The total build took 4 days to complete.

"What a great experience to have 1000 kids come out at lunch and thank you for building them a new playground, especially when two of the kids are yours" quoted Ryan Dodd - Operations Manager for CMC Country Elevator Group. "I was born and raised in Innisfail and actually attended this school. Some of my teachers are now teaching my children so it was such a privilege to be able to help support this build and an honour to represent our awesome company."

Our amazing Grain team was on hand to put in some hard work drilling holes, moving dirt, building the construction as well as anything else that was required. Robert Chappell, Roy Wearmouth, Donna Dyck, Bill Fusselli, Darren Marson, Lino Greco, Brian Delorme and Ryan Dodd. In total we donated about 96 hours to the build as well as the $20,000 from GrainCorp.


Park and Pathway Cleanup

Several members of the Calgary office participated in the annual Calgary Pathway and River Cleanup on Sunday, May 3 rd. The team was assigned a section of Calgary's pathways and spent the morning removing litter and cleaning the general area.

The Calgary Pathway and River Cleanup event takes place in May each year with the help of thousands of volunteers, who generously donate their time to help clean up Calgary's pathways and river banks.

The litter was collected in bags and placed beside pathways or City park garbage bins. City of Calgary staff volunteers picked up the bags throughout the event and transported them to one of three designated dump sites. The garbage was weighed and properly disposed of by The City's Waste & Recycling Services.

The Pathway and River Cleanup is held every year in Calgary on the first Sunday in May. The event is coordinated by The City of Calgary Parks with support provided by Waste & Recycling Services, Animal & Bylaw Services and the Calgary Fire Department.

The purpose of the Pathway and River Cleanup is to remove litter that has accumulated over the winter months along our pathways and river banks, but the event is about more than just picking up garbage. It's about working together to keep our parks, pathways and shared spaces free of materials that could harm us, our environment and our city's wildlife. It is also about sustainability, knowing our efforts today in keeping Calgary litter free will have a lasting effect on the health of our environment and the vibrancy of our city for many years to come.

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