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Global Community Fund

The Community Fund provides financial support to organizations and projects that contribute to local community development in GrainCorp's operational regions around the world.


To be eligible for funding, a project or organization must have a positive effect on the community by supporting its well-being and safety and/or its local infrastructure.

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Note: The project must be endorsed by one or more GrainCorp employees in the application process.

Recent Projects Include




Canada Malting Calgary Community Cares Committee

As an organization we have always felt the desire to give back to the communities in which we operate, the team in Canada (Calgary) has been particularly active in coming up with very different ideas on how that goal can be accomplished. We look for ways to enrich the community in more ways than just donate money, of course raffles are common and we do those too but it's the extra time and effort that goes into making it more interesting and valuable to the employees and the community itself.

Some examples of programs that have been organized include:


As a company, we were spared the devastation of the flood in Calgary in 2013 however that didn't stop us from collecting basic necessities (toiletries, basic clothing and food items) for the ones that were not so lucky. In an effort to clean out our lab storage area we found plenty of glassware that is no longer used, so we donated it to the science department at a local school – the looks on the kids' faces was priceless!

We have also organized a few fun runs as a group, generally they are 5 to 10 kilometres, offer some fun aspect such as taking place in the dark or splashing the participants with colour – it's a good team building experience and it's generally for a good cause. Some of the organizations that have received monetary donations include: Kids Help Phone, The Mustard Seed, YWCA and the Boys and Girls Club.



Latest Community Event

50th Annual Calgary River and Pathway Clean Up

On May 7th 2017, staff and family members of Canada Malting, GrainCorp Marketing and GrainsConnect participated in the 50th Annual Calgary River and Pathway clean up.  Some unusual finds this year included a very dirty but still valid $10 bill, just about all the parts to assemble a bicycle and lots of banana peels!  It was the first year it rained on us but we still managed a good turnout and short clean up time. Thanks very much to all who came out to keep our city beautiful.








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