About Canada Malting

At Canada Malting Co. Limited, we believe a better malt is in the details. We pay close attention to detail to consistently ensure a quality product and superior customer service.

Who We Are

Canada Malting is the largest malt company in Canada, producing approximately 400,000 metric tonnes of malt per year for brewers and distillers around the world—from the largest of multinational organizations to the smallest of craft brewers—as well as for food processors. In addition to our malt plants in Calgary, Montreal and Thunder Bay, we own and operate nine country elevators through our Canada Malting Grain group.

We have five country elevator locations in Alberta, three in Saskatchewan and two in Manitoba, which allows our grain group to source the best malting barley for our malting plants. We also employ a significant number of employees who deal directly with the farming community to ensure the supply chain is managed right from the farm to our customers' doorstep.

We also operate three full-service brewing warehouses in Canada, and others in California, Colorado, Illinois, New York and Washington in the United States, through a malt and brewing supplies warehouse and distribution system known as Country Malt.


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